» » How to play Pokemon Go: guide

How to play Pokemon Go: guide

How to play Pokemon Go: guide

New game Pokemon Go just blew the internet. On any site in the newswire, social networks and even on television talk about Pokemon.

Here you have finally installed the game and want to figure out what to do about it? We describe in detail everything about the game Pokemon Go below.
How to play Pokemon Go

How to play the Pokemon Go

The essence of the game is quite simple at first glance: Walk-enabled game and GPS + Internet and collect Pokemon. But after the first training the capture card is empty and only a few markers in the distance will somehow stand on it. No need to rush to him, you first need to understand what is it like to play.
Search pokemon

Search pokemon
As such, a direct search in the game, but there are clues. Home: wiggling grass, leaves, and in general, any movement on the map. If you find yourself close enough to the pokemon in the lower right corner of the icon will appear those very close to you. But the "next" - it does not mean at a distance of 10 meters, so you can easily meet no one.

If the map next to you will be a picture Pokemon, so you could find it. Click on his picture and catch with the help of a ball - it's pretty simple, and the number of attempts is not limited.

What to do with Pokemon caught

Collect collection. Your entire collection is displayed in the "Pokedesk" and should strive to fill it out. In addition, the captured Pokémon can fight each other in a specific, peculiar rules. For fans of online games will be a little easier to understand - have a number of standard Pokémon hrakteristik: hit points (Hit Points - HP), Battle Goggles (Combat Points - CP) and attack (Moves). All specifications can be pumped in training.

Evolution Pokemon Go
There is another important feature of pocket monsters - they can evolve into other species. This will be important when you need to get the Pokémon that is rarely found in nature. For example, if your area a lot, "polivagov", but hard to find "polivirlov", catch as much as possible "polivagov" to end up with one of them evolved into "polivirla". It's simple.

These markers on the map correspond to any real objects of culture, architecture, monuments. Going to such a close, you can uncover it, and krutanuv wheel - to receive prizes: they begin to crumble and you only need to click on them to pick up.

Teams and clans
With 5 levels of the game opens up a new milestone - the team. The essence of the command of the game is to capture the "Gimy" (big tower on the map) and to increase the area of presence. Gima important parameter is the "prestige" and it can increase spending it training Pokémon battles. If the prestige of Gima drops to zero, it will be able to capture the other team.

But by the time you are level 5 and will understand the intricacies of the game, variations of pumping pocket monsters and places of their habitations.

History of Pokémon
Pokemon was invented in Japan in 1996. Since then, the universe was created a lot of cartoons, games, comics, movies, and toys. Over the past 20 years of history he lived, evolved, evolved and overgrown with a variety of rules, nuances and plot twists.

"If you met in Pokemon GO something strange and incomprehensible, do not try to explain it with the help of logic. Just in this universe so accepted. Relax and take things as they are. The point"

Total in the universe there are more than 700 species of Pokemon, but the game is that there are only 174, and it currently has more than enough.

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